Miami real estate was once a booming success until the mortgage crisis
hit the region in the early 2006. The real estate market collapsed as
the number of foreclosure grew, which eventually lead to the increase
of unsold homes in the city.

Demands are high yet investors
can't get the mortgage loan they need to fund their acquisition due to
the strict requirements implemented by financial institutions in the

Despite the fall of the once great Miami real estate empire, the city
is currently recovering from the decline ever since the early months of
2008. Today, real estate developers around Miami are seeing a positive
growth in the market that sparked the interest of some to implement new
projects to address the rising demand of quality residential properties
in the city.

High-Rise Residential Properties On The Boom

To address the demand for modern living as dictated by the current
lifestyle, many real estate developers are scrounging up their courage
to provide high-rise residential projects for possible long-term profit
in the real estate market.

According to real estate experts, the high-rise properties, which are
more concentrated on condos, are seen to be the top sellers in the
region. Considering the popularity of the city as a tourist hotspot,
foreign investors find these new projects to their liking, thus, a
significant rise in foreign investments are seen throughout the city.

Vanessa Arellano Doctor

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