If you take a look at furniture catalogues or sites around the
Internet, you might notice that the style of modern beds does not
address the need for comfort alone. Thanks to man's creativity and
modern technology, beds are now created in myriad designs to
incorporate space-saving features, as well as the eleganct and beauty
of each.

Modern Beds In Cramped Homes

Living in an apartment or a condo unit does not provide you with enough
space for comfort. Sometimes we have too many furniture and fixtures
around that it's almost enough for moving around to be almost

Modern beds are designed to be the perfect furniture under these
conditions. Some styles are incorporated into the ceiling. With an
elevator-like design, these beds can be pulled down when needed, and
pushed up if not. Other designs are built into the walls of your
apartment or condo units that blend with the surrounding furniture when
hidden from view.

Other space saving feature of modern beds are the convertible ones.
These designs can be used as sofas, and can be combined later on to
become the modern bed. One design uses two half-moon shaped sofas that
can be combined to form a bed. Another innovative design is the sofa
that can be converted into a double-decker bed, like the robots in some

The computer bed is also a design that can be converted from your
computer workplace into a single-sized bed. Not only that, you donít
have to move your stuff around considering that you just need to pull
down the table so the bed will appear on top and the table placed

Modern Entertainment Beds

The entertainment beds are now a big hit in many households today. Its
two-in-one feature is enough reason why itís quite popular in
households with limited space.

The home cinema bed is an entertainment system incorporated into your
bed. The screen is stylishly hidden at the foot of bed, which will
reveal itself once the button is pushed. A rack is perfectly fitted in
between two headboards which is perfect for your DVD players or gaming

A canopy bed with a flat screen TV on the headboard is a very famous
design nowadays. It offers sleek futuristic designs, like those you see
in Star Wars movies that can give your bedroom a somewhat futuristic
atmosphere. Another design incorporates a rotating flat screen TV under
the bed, which can be slid out to position itself at the foot area for
maximum viewing experience.

In choosing your modern bed to fit your household, it is important to
plan ahead on the designs you want. Do you want to integrate it into
your work place, or maybe into your living room? You want to maximize
space by having it built into your ceiling or walls? By asking yourself
these questions, you will be able to narrow down your search for the
perfect modern bed design for your lovely home.

Vanessa Arellano Doctor


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